Allan Castro was born Alan Machado de Castro in March 1980, son of Jair Salles de Castro and Castorina Machado de Castro, and brother of his young sister Aline Machado de Castro, whose family is originally from Curitiba, the capital city of the state of Paraná in the southernmost region of Brazil.


At the age of 12, Allan started to develop a passion for music, inspired by an uncle that would give his cousin weekly acoustic guitar lessons. His natural talent for this musical instrument led him to several presentations at school and church groups.


When Allan was 15 years old he joined a band as a professional musician. The group would tour around the state of Paraná, performing Southern Brazilian country music (Música gaúcha), which is a music style that later became part of his journey as a country singer.


In 1987, Allan joined the Brazilian Music Conservatory in Curitiba, where he learned and performed different music styles such as gospel, flamenco, MPB, rock, samba and pagode, but he never let go of his original passion for country music. When he was to choose the music style that he would follow in his career, he chose Brazilian country music without hesitation.


While Allan was working as a musician, he also pursued a career as a account and  business administrator with specialization in finance and, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Administration.  In early 2006, he decided that his call was music and that he would work hard to earn a living by exploring his talent.


In 2008, Allan marries his sweetheart, Claudia De Paula, at the age of 19 and has continued to work towards his dream of performing music to communities all over the country.


In 2011, the young couple immigrated to Montreal, Canada, in order to look for better opportunities.

At that time, Allan promised his wife that he would no longer pursue his music career but would only play voluntarily at a community church in Montreal.


In 2012 the couple decided to settle in Toronto, Ontario, a city of diversity and where there is a strong Portuguese community.  Allan continued his volunteer work within the Catholic faith by singing at services offered to the Portuguese and Brazilian communities at Saint Antony’s Church.

And it is in the Portuguese community in Toronto, that Allan meets with his gift of music again.


His popularity grew in the community and soon generated innumerous invitations to perform in private and public events, which brought Allan back to pursing his career.


Allan’s first CD in 2012 was such a success that he started his debut tour in Europe (Switzerland) and local performances in Canada.


In 2014, when asked if he would become a musician of other music genres as well, Allan emphatically assured that he would always be stamped as a Brazilian country music (Sertanejo) singer, because of the romantic, loving flame from his native land that lives in his heart.


Allan still has a great number of concerts to perform in 2015 and he is returning to the studio to record his second album.